Regulatory documents - documentation permits / licenses

  • Identification of NACE codes specific to the client in order to establish the need of environmental permits;
  • Preparing technical documentation needed to obtain environmental permits;
  • Preparing technical documentation for obtaining the Water Management License;
  • Publication of specific environmental notices;
  • Representing your company in relations with Environmental Control Authorities;
  • Developing plan for intervention in case of accidental pollution.

Waste management

  • Check the site to establish nonconformity regarding waste management;
  • Identifying problems and needs to comply with provisions of environmental legislation in force;
  • Assistance in identifying waste codes generated according to GD 856/2002;
  • Consulting for fulfilling the obligation of separate collection of waste and ensure their separate delivery contracts to authorized collectors – Law 211/2011;
  • Consulting for separate storing and delivering of waste oils to authorized service providers for recycling, according to GD no. 235/2007 , regarding the management of used oils;
  • Consulting to identify authorized service providers for waste collection by category and verifying the validity of their environmental permits;
  • Advice on preparation forms for waste transport;
  • Notification of contractual validity with service providers for waste pickup, water disposal, etc.
  • Developing and maintaining monthly records on the management of waste generated in accordance with the provisions of the environmental permit;
  • Tracking the traceability of generated waste;
  • Transmission of legislative changes and ensure compliance with legislation;
  • Training staff to understand the importance of selective waste collection;
  • Monitoring activities required by the Environmental Permit, Water management Authorization, permanent information of measures imposed;

Reporting to Environmental Protection Agency

  • Preparing and sending reports monthly / quarterly / half-yearly to the competent authority for environmental protection;
  • Reporting quarterly / annually to the Environmental Protection Agency about waste management;
  • Reporting annually to the Environmental Protection Agency about the quantity of packaging placed on the market;
  • Reporting annual questionnaire GD-PRODDES;
  • Reporting in the INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL electronic application

Reporting to Environment Fund Administration

  • Preparing monthly statements regarding taxes to fund environmental to the Environment Fund Administration, in accordance with the law, and submitting them to AFM headquarters ;
  • Identifying all types of new placed packaging on the market, identifying new products.
  • The price is negotiable!